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The Social Work

Think Tank

Social Work Practitioner Activists



Thinking Differently

How can we think differently about the ways we currently approach social work education and practice?


Key Concepts

How do we frame our understanding of social work practice to include both macro and micro concepts?


A History

What role does history play in our understanding of social work, social justice, and our place at the policymaking table?


Becoming A Practitioner Activitst

How have we lost our voice?  How can we get it back?

Ways to get involved and get active.

Site Pages

The False Choice in Social Work

One of the things that...we have to grapple with as this idea of a depoliticized practice and that  you can have, as a social worker, somehow a practice that is divorced from the political realities that our clients are facing. 
The Social Welfare Policy Think Tank Approach

This site is for social workers who are curious about policy, social work students who are trying to understand how policy fits in with their professional aspirations, and social work educators who are looking for ways to incorporate policy and macro concepts into their courses in ways that are interactive, interesting, and dynamic.

About me

Welcome to my site! I am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) interested in issues of social justice, racism, and philosophy. Currently, I am a psychotherapist, adjunct professor, and clinical operations consultant for community-based mental health programs in NYC. I also work as a clinical supervisor at a family shelter in Brooklyn. Additionally, I am a doctoral candidate at Rutgers University in New Jersey, and I teach in their MSW program. You can find me at: or follow me on twitter @radicalfemsw.

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